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About Yoga & Our Studio


Discover Ease

Yoga unites the mind, body, and soul in a way that eases tension, reduces inflammation, and promotes health and well being. Breathing with awareness quiets the mind and allows you to experience the joy of the present moment. 


Build Strength & Allow Joy

Yoga practice provides an opportunity for you to move your body on a regular basis. Practicing regularly can increase both physical and mental strength, and flexibility. Being in a peaceful, cozy environment where you can be fully present in your life journey has a way nourishing your soul.  


Meet our Founder

Thrive: Yoga for You! 

Our Thrive Yoga Community has created an authentic and welcoming space for you to learn, practice, and connect to your wellness.  ~ Chelle Walczak-Corsi, Ed. D.


Guest Teachers

Chelle Walczak-CorsI, Studio OWNER

We all start out as novices, fail and make mistakes - but that's part of life's journey. It's those experiences that shape and provide us with new opportunities to live and love even better. It's not how we fall down... it's how we get back up. Continuing to learn in life and experience one's calling is the hallmark of most happy people!

Enter the founding of THRIVE Yoga Studio. A new calling became clear to Chelle after years of teaching. A love for wellness and a knowledge of the body/mind/soul connection resulted in the desire to bring the healing power of yoga to others.

Chelle believes yoga equals opportunity, ongoing opportunity to notice and explore; build balance, strength, flexibility, and compassion; to be alone and look inward yet be together with like-minded individuals; to laugh, love, and live fully day-to-day, and moment-by-moment.

- all resulting in a better YOU!

Chelle Walczak-Corsi is the owner of Thrive Studio and a teacher whose positive messaging inspires joy both on and off the mat. She taught at the elementary level in schools in Buffalo and Rochester and holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership from 

St. John Fisher College.



               CHRIS PEDRONE

 Chris loves sharing his talents and the gift of healing sound vibrations and Kundalini  Yoga as a whole.  As such, Thrive Studio is blessed to be able to host Chris' Healing Sound Baths Events several times a year.

Continue to check Chris' website and Thrive Studio's website, under News & Events for upcoming event dates and times.

 If you haven' experienced a Sound Bath or tried Kundalini yoga, you are in for a treat! To learn more about Chris and his offerings, email him atinfo@soundriverarts.com

 About Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is an ancient technology that combines asanas (posture) in specific order. This order forms a kriya (set) to achieve specific results within the body--i.e. heal you back now! Let the liver live! etc. Many times the kriya involves chanting or mental projection of a mantra (repetition of words or phrases) and mudra (hand position). 

 In Kundalini Yoga, the experience of these elements is paramount and leads to the "union" that all yoga creates in ourselves.A Kundalini class includes chanting, kriya, relaxation and meditation. Yogi Bhajan taught that the physical elements of the kriya were a precursor to deep relaxation and to ready the mind and body to sit still in meditation. This yoga is the next step on your spiritual path!


Katie Carney

Katie is an Exercise Science graduate from John Carroll University. She has a lifelong commitment to wellness: including mental, physical, and spiritual. She completed her 200 hour RYT training in Cleveland, OH in the style of Baptiste power vinyasa at Cleveland Yoga. She was first introduced to  yoga  in the 6th grade when a yoga instructor came to her elementary school. She instantly fell in love, and saved her money to buy a mat that she still has to this day. 

Katie is always ready for new experiences and meeting new people. She loves to travel, whether it is a weekend trip back to Cleveland to visit old friends, or a trip to Alaska, where she hiked in Denali National Park. When she’s not working, travelling, or practicing yoga, you most likely will find her hiking the many trails in Monroe County. 


Sarah Webb, MFA, E-RYT® 500, YACEP

Sarah's path is comprised of many stitches. From the artist's studio to the yoga studio, she has explored unique ways to create, to practice, and to make meaning.  But at heart, Sarah has always been a teacher. 

In 2000, after a lifetime of living with scoliosis, Sarah began a new practice and a new journey, from a body constricted, to a body empowered. Her studies have led her from work with Christina Sell, San Marcos, TX to South India, and the opportunity to immerse herself as a student with Dr. Douglas Brooks and Vishali Varga. 

Sarah’s gift is her ability to weave her critical, visual and perceptual background into a unique environment for students to map and make meaning of their individual body’s stories and experiences. 

Thank you for so graciously sharing your talents and expertise with us, Sarah. We love your welcoming and challenging classes!


Carol Caputi Moon

Carol Moon first encountered yoga many years ago, at a small studio in her college town. She was immediately drawn to the philosophy behind the physical practice. The sense of centeredness and peace that came with yoga kept pulling her back to her mat, and she began teacher training in 2011.  She received extensive training through YogaFit and later completed her 200 hour RYT training at Inspire Yoga in Penfield, NY under the guidance of her teachers Aimée Senise Conners and Joan Nichols. She has been teaching since 2012 in gym, studio, and private settings. 

Carol teaches with warmth, humor, and a passion for encouraging students to follow their own bodies’ wisdom. She believes that the essence of yoga is listening to breath and body, meeting ourselves as we are in the present moment, and developing an internal focus. She embraces the many gifts that yoga offers, such as presence; patience; strength; balance and equanimity—qualities that can be practiced on our mats and then carried out into our lives. We feel blessed to have Carol as our primary substitute teacher here at Thrive Studio. Thank you, Carol for sharing your talents and beautiful spirit with us.