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An  Exploration in Vibration Returns

Gongs and Tibetan Singing Bowls are known to bring deep relaxation and meditative contemplation to the listener.  Each cell in the body is positively impacted by the sounds of the gong and singing bowls. Their sounds reverberate through the body providing  cleansing, relaxation, and an overall release of heaviness.

The evening will begin with  a short breathing exercise to open up the channels of the intuition and clear the mind of distractions. Then, you'll get comfortable on your mat and let the sounds do rest. 

Who:   Anyone interested in relaxation and renewal

What to Bring:   A yoga mat,  pillow, eye pillow, and a few blankets

When: Thursday, May 9th at 7pm

All are welcome! 

No experience necessary. 


Yoga and Mental Health Event

Sponsored by Meg's Gift & Thrive Studio

Help raise funds for mental health programs in the local community by participating in something that improves your own mental health!

 Join us for an open level yoga experience in which we will connect more deeply with ourselves, and one another.

Who: Everyone

What: Yoga, Mental Health Presentation and Reception

When: June 29th, 11am - 1pm

Where:  Thrive Studio, 865 Ridge Road, Webster, NY 

Price:  $20 per ticket, includes lite brunch bites & beverages

This fundraising event has been created out of love. Joining together we can advocate for mental health intervention and nurture an inspirational legacy.

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Karaoke Night ~ will be rescheduled. Date TBA

Ready for a Fun Night Out?

Are You Ready for a Night Out - Stretching, Singing, and Swaying to the Music?  Tired of the "Brand new weekend, but same old stuff" scenario?  Then, make a change and mix it up!  Karoake Night is sure to bring some playfulness back to your weekends.

Don't miss out on Thrive Studio's first ever Karaoke Night!

WHERE: THRIVE Yoga Studio, 865 Ridge Road, Upper Level, Webster, NY


WHY:  To live life well and experience Thrive Yoga Studio in a whole different setting.  Come meet new people and the instructor, and have a fun night filled with musical notes.  Karaoke is not only fun, but it relieves stress; stimulates the brain; and improves breathing.

HOW: It can't be a yoga studio without a lil’ movement.  We will start the night off  with a happy yoga class. After, you can let the rest flow from your lungs into the mics.  Music will be brought to you by DJ Norman.

PRICE: $15 a person (Non-refundable).  Enjoy complimentary snacks and beverages, and chance to win a PRIZE.  Let's Get Ready!